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Boring is not better

06.02.2014 /  Ceiling Lighting

What is the first thing you think when we ask the question: What should we use for ceiling lighting? We are almost certain your first thought was the reliable (yet boring) down light.

During the past half century, down lighting has been the preferred method for illuminating an interior. While down lighting is very effective and suitable for a variety of applications, it is overused and ordinary.

Like sound, light is a medium that cannot be seen. Combine an object with light and you suddenly have a limitless platform to express that object, and its story. That being said, like sound, just because you can increase the volume does not mean the sound will improve.

The excessive use of down lighting has turned one of life’s most playful and creative actors into a boring introvert. Consequently public, private and commercial sectors are all beginning to look the same.

By reducing or completely eliminating the one ingredient everyone has become reliant on—down lighting—you can create something truly special.

Track lighting is a great way to be creative not only with light, but also in terms of drawing beautiful shadows as well. When considered properly, track lighting can enhance the mood of a space in many ways. Their location, aim and style can be easily altered, introducing potential for illuminating objects and environments in a diversity of ways.

Shadows vary based on the shape and form of the object or space creating them. They are vital in defining spatial relationships and one of the biggest aesthetic contributors to a space.

There is a story to tell, regardless of environment. Creative lighting will transform what might otherwise be interpreted as a plain space into a profound journey, provoking emotion and allowing the user to discover one thing after another.

With technology and culture rapidly changing and influencing one another, using light to create an adaptable space where people feel comfortable is incredibly important.

LED lighting is an amazing technology, however, we must be careful not to overuse something just because we can. With lighting becoming more efficient and powerful, our subconscious tells us that more is better. This is what happened with down lighting, and it has created glaringly uncomfortable platforms. True efficiency is achieved when people feel comfortable in a space without wondering why.

Track lighting can evolve with its environment. With the flick of switch perfectly balanced light can be achieved; with the flick of another, a calm and mischievous contrast of light and colour. Track lighting is often used in theatre and provides many ideas and opportunities for architectural lighting.

We need better lighting, not more lighting. And need to fight the urge to play it safe with down lighting.

This is why considered lighting, is the best lighting.