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Case study: London Woolstore Apartments

30.10.2014 /  Commercial Lighting

The initial task was nothing unusual, replace the existing external flood lighting with LED equivalents to reduce power consumption and maintenance expenses.

The original flood lights were 70 watt metal halide lamps which are very common in commercial applications.

Existing 70W HID Flood. Existing 70W HID Flood.

Our first thought was to replace the fitting with a 50 watt LED flood light, there would be a slight power saving but the real benefit would be in the lack of maintenance required. However, after installing a sample for testing we found that the wide beam angle resulted with a lot of the light missing the building. While the light levels were very similar, we felt there were better and more interesting solutions.

50W Flood

It was at this point where Ralph Martell, manager of the London Woolstore said, “It’d be good if we could easily change the colour of the building but still have it looking warm when wanted”. “We can do that” said Dean, founder of Neue and Lightcore.

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Lightcore, sister and founding company of Neue, is partnered with German brand “Kapego” which is well known in Europe for it’s innovative and high quality exterior lighting and control solutions and had recently released an exterior spotlight which had both colour changing and warm light capability.

“It might not seem like much but colour changing LEDs are a mixture of red, green and blue light waves. This means it is impossible to achieve a truly warm or incandescent light from a colour changing or RGB LED unless the warm white LEDs are specially designed and integrated within the fitting”. Steffen Bux, product manager of Deko-Light Germany.

The fitting we decided to use was the 20 watt Powerspot RGB+Warm external spot light with a 30 degree beam angle. By focusing the light it meant we could reduce the power consumption while simultaneously increasing the light onto the building.

20W Powerspot

The next step was deciding how the lighting would be controlled. While it is a commercial sized building we didn’t want to have expensive and confusing control systems, we wanted to keep things simple and easy. This is why we decided to use our Kapego RGB+Warm RF remote and control system, usually used for LED strip lighting is would work perfectly fine provided we calculated the load factor properly.


We had 13 fittings in total so we would need 2×240 watt transformers (in this instance, Meanwell HLG series was the best choice) along with 2xKapego RGB+Warm RF receivers in order to control all fittings. It’s for applications such as these that we added CAT5 (ethernet) capability to the receivers, this allowed us to split the load and synchronise both receivers without any single lag. Meaning all 13 fitting would change at the same time from the one remote.

“It was a very straight forward installation, a lot easier than other control systems I’ve seen for projects of this size” said Dean Martell, installing Electrician.

Control Box

The final outcome is a building which now uses less electricity to light than one apartment within the complex, can adopt thousands of different lighting effects while keeping the option of it’s original incandescent warm light, and all with the push of a wireless remote.

“love it!”, The London Woolstore

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