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Hong Kong Lighting Fair

29.11.2014 /  Lighting industry events

The International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) is hosted annually from the 27th to the 30th of September in Hong Kong. During the time the Hong Kong Exhibition centre becomes home to some 2,500 participants.

Every year we visit the event to explore new and emerging lighting designs and technologies such LED lighting twice as strong and efficient as it was just a year ago, providing advantages for manufacturers, distributors and consumers.

Not a huge deal has changed since the Frankfurt Light+Build when it comes to design trends, however, there has been an obvious shift in what suppliers and buyers deem most important when it comes to LED technology.


Since the LED started to gain traction within the industry the focus was all about efficiency and how much power they could save, however, by doing this the supplier and buyer were not focusing on the quality of light being provided. This resulted in the market losing confidence in the quality of LED lighting.


Now that technology has caught up and the bugs have all been fixed, this years Hong Kong fair the focus was all about the quality of light available, especially when it came to colour temperature and CRI.

To read more about colour temperature, CRI and what makes a good LED light download our Neue Catalogue here.