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Lighting Workshop Recap

30.10.2014 /  Uncategorized

Our Lighting Workshop which was held on Saturday the 11th of October had a record attendance, and on a Saturday no less. We were humbled by the turnout, this gave us great insight to how more and more people are realising the importance of proper lighting within their project.

“The session very informative, I appreciated the (minimal) technical and design approach and the tips were useful to me at the design stage of my build.” Leah Cencig

“Thanks for a very informative session, I wanted a technical de-brief/update and I certainly got that from you.” Marina Hirst

“It was really inspiring, they did a great job of informing us and the demonstrations and examples were excellent.” Sally Morrison

If you were unable to make it on the 11th of October you can download or flick through the presentation slides below.

NEUE Presentation Download