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The Modern Chandelier

20.07.2014 /  Ceiling Lighting

The tradition of chandeliers dates back many centuries, bringing spectacular lighting to the noble houses built centuries ago.


Haddon Hall Chandelier c.1660

The modern ceiling fixtures have come a long way from the arrays of candles, but pendants are still one of the most impressive lighting elements to use in an interior. They are highly dependent on the furniture layout, as we usually want them suspended over a coffee table, counter-top or some other interior element. But it is always the design pendants that steal the show in good interior design. A fixture suspended in mid-air will have much more of a spectacular presence than wall sconces or recessed lights, making them a worthy investment in creating an impressive interior.

Larger pendants can be displayed as a solo act, whereas smaller ones look better in numbers. Arrays of small pendants allow for larger surfaces to be evenly illuminated, while creating sculptural groups. With the long lifetime of LEDs, the light source does not need maintenance or changing anymore, so the luminaires can be much more compact.

Quirky colourful designs such as Maui leave space for creativity, allowing custom layouts and pendant heights to fit the purpose of the interior.


Conceptual luminaires such as the Big Edison are pieces of art themselves with an additional feature of illumination.


Elegant pendants such as Roxie are more focused on the task of lighting.


The modern energy-efficient LED sources are small in size, dictating less demand on the shape, size and design of pendant luminaires. This allows excellent illumination to be pointed to only where it is needed, combined with beautiful product design to create futuristic shapes like Sophia.


Written by: Johanna-Mai Vihalem, Masters in Lighting Design, Neue