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New York Festival Of Light

29.11.2014 /  Uncategorized

This year marked the inaugural New York festival of light. Set at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn, thousands of people flocked to see the fantastic spectacle of turning everyday objects into works of art without even a touch of paint. Throughout the event, displays of artistic lighting designs and sequences turned the bridge into a mesmerising cosmic world of light.

This remarkable event has drawn both local and international artists to display their work in an elaborate audio visual demonstration. Of the vast array of artistic offerings, five stood out as particularly awe-inspiring:

1. Robert Bose’s simple yet impressive floating sculptures. Using a series of connected festoon lights in combination with helium balloons, the piece creates a floating, chameleon-coloured string that hangs effortlessly in the sky in a state of flux.

Ballon lights

2. Jason Krugman’s dream-inspired work from the series Living Objects, a series of sculptures which imitate human figures with the soft glow of the myriad LED lights. For those familiar with New York City, Krugman’s sculptures have also been featured in the East Village, McCarren Park and Downtown Brooklyn.


3. 3D mapping (otherwise known as Project Mapping) involves the illumination of a 3D object or surface with light. This technology requires the use of many high powered projectors strategically placed along a specified axis to ensure all parts of the surface are covered. This form of lighting can make a real 3D object look as though it’s animated, literally ‘bringing the image to life’ . At this year’s festival, 3_Search transformed the side of the Manhattan Bridge into an oasis of colour.

Manhattan Bridge

4. Taking an archway and giving it a nightclub vibe is no mean feat. However, this is exactly what Howard Ungerleider achieved in his installation. By utilising hundreds of lasers, Strobes and smoke machines, a mysterious and mythical hall of intrigue was created. Although incredibly complex, it is testament to the ability of lighting to completely transform a space.


5. Valerie Schaller, the Swiss-Austrian artist has been displaying her large scale, immersive projections at international light festivals all over the world. Her current collection entitled “Heart Filling Station”, featured at the Festival. Displaying brilliant solar flares, spiraling roses, and a collage of images linking daily energies with activities on Earth, the result is truly breathtaking. Shaller describes her vision as “An invitation to immerse yourself into a space of magical poetry, love, warmth and being in touch with one’s own heart as well as the power of the sun.”