# 28 Neue Space Soft Launch

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A huge thank you to everyone who attended the soft launch of our new Newstead space “Neue Space”. We were humbled to see such a … Read More

# 26 Lighting Balance

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In the late 1880s, inventors and architects puzzled over new lighting technologies just as we try to make sense with the currently modern achievements of … Read More

# 23 Illuminated Hospitality

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Any experienced hotelier can tell you that every extra dollar invested in proper lighting will make it appear as if ten dollars had been well … Read More

# 22 Rainbow Beach Home

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Chris & Carol Hyne approached Neue in the early building stages of their project. The lighting layout which had already been completed was the industry … Read More

# 21 Artificial Sky Light

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Access to natural daylight has long been one of the biggest limiting factors in building design – some solutions involve reflecting real daylight from the … Read More

# 20 Reprofil

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Reprofil offers a variety of profiles for different requirements and applications. Choose between: 4 basic models in the forms: U-flat, U-high, T-flat, T-high 4 … Read More

# 19 Papertrophy

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1. Congratulations on the success of Papertrophy! Tell us, what got you interested in 3D papercraft in the first place and why? Thank you. It’s … Read More