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This isn’t just about a thought process,
it’s about an attitude.

“By illuminating something, you discover its nature, memory, present and future.” This is a very powerful and true statement. Yet, light is something many take for granted. Neue is on a mission to change this by challenging how people think about lighting.

Our ambition is to work with you—not for you—to push the boundaries of lighting in a collaborative way and to work with people who are excited to see what is possible with considered and sustainable lighting. If this sounds like you, read on.

‘Think outside the box’ is a phrase we so often hear. But it’s usually undermined by a tendency to adhere to proven methods—to subscribe to convention. Our belief is that convention needs an intervention, but in a very specific way. If we truly want to disrupt, to challenge and to change things, we first need to think differently ‘inside

the box’  How? By being practical; by looking at what is realistic and possible within the constraints. Leveraging what is realistically possible allows us to then rethink things entirely, to approach things from a different perspective, and to pursue new (unexpected) solutions that are equally realistic, practical and possible to achieve.

We align ourselves with contemporary, sophisticated and cultured thinkers; and we seek out those who understand—or have a lust to learn about—the importance of considered lighting.

We believe there is too much competition and not enough collaboration, too much information and not enough education. We aim to fix this.