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30.01.2015 /  Uncategorized

1. Congratulations on the success of Papertrophy! Tell us, what got you interested in 3D papercraft in the first place and why?

Thank you. It’s kind of hard to tell what was the main reason as I’m interested in decoration, design and art in general. I guess at some point I was just bored from looking at 2D posters and pictures on my wall. Building things and produce something with your own bare hands is always fascinating. However not everyone has the ability to use bigger tools or equipment. But you know what everybody learned in Kindergarten? How to use a pair of scissors and some glue!


2. Do you have a favourite papertrophy at the moment, and if so, what about it do you find special?

It’s – of course – the life sized gorilla! It just looks so great. That you can built something so big just using paper still amazes me.


3. How and when do you use light within your work?

I used to use the Sculptures as projection screen ins clubs or other venues. The option to play with different light sources just gives you so much different possibilities. With the “new” LED technology you are able to integrate light in quite small structures. So I started implementing lights in some of my Papercraft art. As LEDs are not getting hot as conventional light bulbs this is a great opportunity for future projects.


4. Why have you chosen Animals to be the theme of your Papertrophy campaign?

The Papertrophy campaign is inspired by classical animal/safari trophies. I love animals, especially seeing them in their natural habitat. However I simply can’t understand why humans kill them to hang them on to their walls. It’s just creepy. So my Papertrophy project is a new design approach to this. And I can assure you: No animals were harmed during the making!

5. What is the most interesting 3D papercaft sculpture you’ve made?

Again at the moment it’s the life sized gorilla. However I just finished a 1m tall deer head which looks amazing as well.

6. What made you choose crowd funding to help launch Papertrophy?

Crowdfunding is a great way to reach people all over the world. I had visitors from over 140 countries. I think there are only about 195 countries world wide so I reached almost every country in the world. That fact alone is worth using crowd funding. People sent you feedback, you get to know new friends and get a chance to answer an interview at the other site of the world.


7. Do you have any tips for other designers looking to crowd fund their project?

Actually, a lot. The basics are: Do your homework before you start a campaign. Your product must be ready for production as soon as you reach your goal.  Be sure you have plenty of time during the crowd funding. It’s a full-time job! Most important: Listen to comments and questions from your suppliers.


8. What can we expect to see next from Papertrophy?

When the campaign is a success there will be plenty of more Papertrophies in the near future. Some regular sized ones but for sure some XXL Animals as well.

To find out more about Papertrophy visit www.papertrophy.com