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Neue wasn’t just founded by one person, it was founded on a belief.

Neue was founded on a belief that, generally speaking, the lighting industry was beginning to feel stale. This prompted Brosnan to rethink things, to seek out a new direction for his passion and his knowledge of lighting. The result is Neue, a lighting company that wants to challenge the convention; a lighting company that wants to collaborate, rather than compete; a lighting company that thinks differently about how the world interacts today in the built environment.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of our approach and we achieve this by partnering with contemporary, sophisticated and cultured clients and peers, those who are willing to help lead the way in lighting.

A number of years ago Brosnan founded our sister company, Lightcore, a successful and thriving lighting products business. The knowledge and experience Brosnan has garnered from Lightcore plays a pivotal role in Neue’s technical expertise and will continue to support Neue with regards lighting products and production expertise.