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Reprofil offers a variety of profiles for different requirements and applications.

Choose between:

  • 4 basic models in the forms: U-flat, U-high, T-flat, T-high
  • 4 widths: for 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm LED Stripes
  • 2 heights: in 7mm, 15mm
  • 4 colors: anodized aluminum, matte black brushed, matte white, brushed aluminum
  • 2 lengths: 100cm, 200cm

The advantages of the profiles are not only in its diversity, but also in the variety of applications. The place for the profile, for example on walls, ceilings and floors, as accent or indirect lighting, on furniture and in kitchens. Also in fair-construction “reprofil” can be used. Due to the easy assembling and small dimensions, rigid and flexible LED Strips can be easily installed. Through continuous controls and the use of high quality aluminum, “reprofil” guarantees maximum quality. As a result you can profit from an accurate fitting and a perfect form.

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The variety of Reprofil aluminum profiles is complemented by a wide range of covers.

Choose from:

  • Up to 5 basic models in the forms: Plan, flat, high, round, lens
  • Up to 3 light transmissions: clear 95%, matt 75% milky 40%
  • 4 widths: for 8, 10, 12, 15 profiles
  • 2 lengths: in 100cm, 200cm

Depending on requirements or personal visions, the covers can produce a high efficiency and a homogeneous lighting effect and thus satisfy even the highest optical demands. By the use of covers the protection of the LED stripes is guaranteed. E.g. due to external, mechanical effects.

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End caps / Accessories

Because of the large selection of profiles and covers in color, shape and size and many combinations, a variety of end caps in all matching (possible) versions are the result. So also here the flexibility has almost no limits. You have the opportunity to receive any end cap version in three colors. Each end cap is available in white, gray or black. Other accessories, such as retaining clips for easy assembly, are also available.

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