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1| Let’s talk - at our shop, over the phone, Skype or via email. An hour of disscussing will let us get to know each other, and determine how we can help.
2| Site visit - getting to know the site helps us understand the project better
3| Proposal - an outline of our understanding of the project requirements, an estimated fee and time frame for the work.
4| Concept - sketches, renderings, electrical layouts and product schedules compiled specifically for your project by our lighting designers.
05| Teamwork – we insist upon meeting with all relevant parties involved with your project. This includes, but is not limited to, the architect, builder, electrician, interior designer and project manager.
06| Revisions – even the best designs need tweaking. We will revisit the concepts as many times as necessary before processing the final drawings.
07| Installation – the project is reviewed with the installing electrician, going over special requirements such as dimming
08| Maintenance – all Neue products have a standard five year warranty. Design maintenance is provided over the life of the products as a separate service.
09| Product selection - you don't have to go through an intricate design process just to buy one of our amazing lights. If you already know what you want and require pricing or technical advice, simply call, email or visit our display to be convinced of the quality of our luminaires.